Website Design & Development

We’ve developed a process that helps affiliate gyms see a 30-40% increase in drop-in rates and membership sign-up rates only weeks after their new website launches. 

How does this all work? You can read more about what to expect while working together, or you can contact us through e-mail or a phone call (where we’ll spill our juicy secrets).


Photography & Videography

Perfect for your next CrossFit event, competition, or Instagram account - we capture the heart of your athletes and your box through high-resolution photography, audio and video production.  

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So often, affiliate owners put their website at the bottom of their to-do list. However, our analysis shows that your website can make a massive impact to your bottom line each year.

Take this common scenario - When someone is looking for a CrossFit gym, the first thing they will do is search for local gyms on Google, right? They will then browse and compare the first 3 or 4 websites that show up. What would happen next if your gym’s website looked the best and clearly answered all of their questions? 

They will walk through your doors first to try your gym, and you will have the first opportunity for their business. 

That's our mission in building you a website that gives you a competitive edge, and grows your CrossFit affiliate. 




"I’ve worked with designers before and have always run into some trouble. Links breaking, or not being able to make my own updates in our ever-changing market. Even when updating and changing our rates, I would have to call in and pay a small nominal fee to make adjustments. But when I finally met Vivian and Zack from Burpee Over Bar, everything changed.

First, they didn’t just propose a simple cookie cutter layout they had done a million times before me. Instead, all of their work was custom. In addition, they explored what my business model was geared towards and what type of clientele I was looking to capture. And based on that criteria, they came up with a site plan that fit my client demographic perfectly. And boy was it on point.

In the end, the bill was a little hard to swallow, but before we launched with Burpee Over Bar we were receiving about 10 new members a month at most. And 2 months after we launched our new site, our numbers had more than doubled. That math is undeniable."

David Israel, "Izzy"

Owner of CrossFit Felix & Pandora Fitness

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Pandora Fitness, Downtown Seattle

* Newly opened facility!

Website Design - Responsive Development


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