Once people have been to your box, they won't go anywhere else.

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First, they need to know you exist. 

SEO, content marketing and advertising - done right - starts their journey and sends them straight toward your website.

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Next, your website needs to be captivating, enticing and easy to navigate - so they'll be bursting to visit your box (or at least learn more about you).  

We achieve that through beautiful web design, irresistible copywriting and eye-catching photography and videography.

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Then, it's just a matter of keeping them interested and reminding them that you're the best box around. 

Email automation and inbound marketing are just two of the ways we can help achieve that for you.

Only need a few of these services? Want our help with everything? Let us know, and we'll create the perfect package for you.


CrossFit Felix -- Downtown Seattle, Washington

Pandora Fitness -- Downtown Seattle, Washington

Narrows CrossFit -- Gig Harbor, Washington




"Before we launched with Burpee Over Bar we were receiving about 10 new members a month at most. And 2 months after we launched our new site, our numbers had more than doubled. That math is undeniable.

Anyone can build a new website. Heck, there are even some do-it-yourselfers out there. But for a true website that is geared to your clientele base, and best designed to grow the type of business you want to own, there is no better group than Burpee Over Bar.”

David Israel, "Izzy"

Owner of CrossFit Felix & Pandora Fitness

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Your dream customers want to get off the internet and on the floor, but 99% of them will start their search online. You need to be there, ready to wow them when they do.


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