Our names are Vivian and Zack...

...and we are the two-person team heading business & development efforts at Burpee Over Bar. 

We started our business in March of 2016, one Tuesday night after dinner, when we had a lightbulb moment. At the time, both of us were working full-time jobs as software engineers for several tech companies around Seattle - but we also loved CrossFit and its community.

So why not merge both, and help gyms with our experience in all things digital to get more members through their front door? We knew we were on to something, so we decided then and there to launch Burpee Over Bar. 

Below we chat more about our love for CrossFit (remember, the first rule of CrossFit is to always talk about CrossFit!), as well as FAQ's we get from our clients about how we bring more members and more dollars to your bottom line.




So why pick CrossFit?


Zack: I love CrossFit for the fitness and the community. I love that it's fun, always varied, and the results are tangible. I never saw results or felt more fit going to the gym on my own or doing simple exercises - but going into CrossFit and working my ass off for an hour is effective. On the community side, I just really enjoy spending time with people. I'd never gone to a gym where it was people oriented; I'd always been at gyms where it was solitary, you go in with earphones, do your work, and you get out. At CrossFit, we've met so many good friends, interesting people, business relationships, and of course we get to workout with each other!


Vivian: I love CrossFit because I love being pushed and challenged every single day, and having the opportunity to work towards becoming the best version of myself. I've already accomplished so much through the support of the community, and through the shifts I've had to make in my mindset to believe that I can achieve my goals. That feeling is intoxicating and incredibly empowering - and it bleeds into every part of my life outside of CrossFit as well (and by this I mean being the best friend I can be, best fiancee, best daughter).



What kind of services do you offer?

  • Website design and buildout for your CrossFit gym
  • Photo & video production for your regularly scheduled classes, athlete spotlight, events & competitions and facility
  • SEO, content marketing & advertising
  • Copywriting and content curation for your website
  • Email automation and e-mail marketing


How do I know you're good at what you do?

Good question!

Read Izzy's full Facebook review of our work on CrossFit Felix's website redesign: He breaks down the math in detail on how we helped increase membership sign-up rates and drop-in rates by 30%, and increase his overall bottom line by 6 figures.

> Check out pieces of our portfolio:



I'm interested - what's next if I want to work with you?

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