Website Design & Development for CrossFit Gyms

We believe in a simple philosophy - Your website design should start with your goals first, not with a template. We will meet over a WOD or a phone call first to better understand your vision, your business model and your clientele. We then build a plan to get you to those goals, whether that involves a full website design, a homepage refresh, optimizing your website to appear higher in Google's search results, or pointing you to another expert.

Our Clients


CrossFit Felix - Downtown Seattle, Washington

It was time for a refresh! We worked with Felix's owner, Izzy, to choose a new color palette and create a layout design that felt consistent with his brand. Stuck on two colors he loved, we put a poll out on his Instagram story to leave the vote to the members - and they answered!

We then scheduled two 1-hour photoshoots: one to showcase the beautiful facility, and the other to highlight the hard work of the athletes in a morning class at Felix. The use of these new photos on the design was the finishing touch to bring his brand to life.

While doing all this, it was essential to keep their website easy to navigate as new athletes ask, "What's CrossFit? What can I expect on Day 1 at Felix?" as well as ensuring a beautiful experience regardless of the device you use to view it. 

Narrows CrossFit - Gig Harbor, Washington

We met Matt, co-owner of Narrows CrossFit, when he was our judge at the Kitsap CrossFit competition in 2016. Coming in 24th place out of a possible 25 made no difference to us since we made an exceptional friend in the process.

We then dropped in to Narrows CrossFit for a WOD with Matt and Mike, owner of Narrows. It was evident right away that their community of athletes felt like one big family, sharing high-fives, cheers and post-WOD snacks. Most athletes sported a Narrows branded shirt that read, "Don't let fear dictate the bounds of your fitness."

With this theme in mind, we focused on a website design that highlighted their dedicated community, while guiding new athletes to learn about CrossFit, feel at home, and sign-up for a free trial class (and of course, doing it seamlessly from any device!)

Pandora Fitness - Downtown Seattle, Washington

Partnering with Pandora Fitness involved a full website design and buildout - from scratch. Pandora has a prime location in the heart of Downtown Seattle, with walking distance to many of the Amazon buildings in which employees are looking for a fun way to get fit. After understanding the owner's vision for a gym with the theme "CrossFit without the barbells", we went to work on a custom online sales funnel and layout structure.

Here's why that's important - One month after the website launch, the owner, Izzy, saw 15 clients sign-up for a membership through his website alone. At a rate of $99/month, he already generated a substantial return for that year. The real kicker: Pandora Fitness wasn't even open yet. The facility opened one month later - but it goes to show that an online sales funnel  is extremely important when a client is browsing your website and showing interest in your offers.


Feeling inspired?

The next step is for us get in touch. We'll happily answer any questions you have about your gym's website, and how we can work with you to bring it to the next level.