Is Your CrossFit Website Bringing in New Clients?

Consider each question below, and choose the answer that best represents your situation right now (not where you want to be in the future). Don't overthink or rationalize your choice - your first instinct is usually the correct one. At the end, add up your points to get your total score



When we look at our website our first thought is:

(3 points) - Wow! I totally get this! This looks epic, how do I join?

(2 points) - This looks like a standard gym website.

(1 point) - This looks scrappy and rough.


Our website anticipates and clearly answers the questions that intimidate new CrossFit athletes, such as: "What is CrossFit? How exactly does one doooo CrossFit? Am I capable? Will I get hurt? What should I expect? How do I get started?"

(3 points) – We clearly answer all of these questions on our website.

(2 points) – We included the explainer video from CrossFit HQ and/or a 1-2 sentence explanation of CrossFit.

(1 point) – We don’t answer these questions. We assumed customers must know what CrossFit is already if they've landed on our website, right?


Our website clearly explains to customers what makes our affiliate stand-out. We show them why they should join our box instead of another box that is 5-minutes away.

(3 points) – We clearly explain our unique selling-point on our homepage, and we are consistent with this message throughout our website and social media posts.

(2 points) – Our about page has a snippet about why we stand out from other gyms.

(1 points) – We don’t clearly explain to the customer what makes our affiliate different from the other local CrossFit gyms.


We use attention-grabbing buttons & links with clear instructions for our customer to take the next step. Ex: "Contact us to schedule your free drop-in!"

(3 points) – We have one main action button on each page of our website with easily understandable instructions.

(2 points) – We aren't consistent with our action buttons. On some pages we're missing buttons, and on others we have too many.

(1 point) – We have very few or no attention-grabbing buttons. The buttons we do have use vague language like "Learn more."


When we search for "CrossFit gyms in (our city)" on Google, …

(3 points) – We are the top result.

(2 points) – We're on the first page.

(1 point) – We're on the second page (or further).


The bios and profiles of our coaches are up-to-date.

(3 points) – Yes, our coach bios/profiles reflect the current coaches in the gym.

(2 points) – Our coaches bios are mostly updated. We show a few coaches that don't work here anymore.

(1 point) – We don't have any coach profiles on our website.


The pictures on our website are high-resolution (not blurry) and have been taken within the last year.

(3 points) – Yes, our pictures are recent and high-resolution.

(2 points) – Our pictures are mostly updated. We have a few old ones from before we re-arranged the gym.

(1 point) – Ahh, photography is hard. Our pictures are old and you can tell most of them were taken with an iPhone.


We share high-quality pictures and videos on Instagram and Facebook that showcase our community and highlight our members.

(3 points) – We post regularly and consistently with engaging content our prospective members can relate to.

(2 points) – We post sometimes. We can work on the quality and consistency.

(1 point) – We rarely post.


Add up your total score to get an idea of where you currently stand. At each level, we provide a strategy to take your CrossFit Affiliate's website to the next level to help you find more members online.


8 - 12 Points: You're at the start line

You've put in the work to create your CrossFit affiliate's website, but you have a long way to go. Perhaps your website is a lower priority compared to the other tasks and goals you're currently busy with - tasks that you believe will have a more immediate impact to the bottom line. The danger here is that new clients are already comparing your box's website to the other 3 or 4 websites of the boxes in your area. If they can't find the information they need, or if they feel that your site is out-dated and poorly built, there's a high chance they'll drop into your competitor's box first (and bring their friends there as well). That's a huge loss to your bottom line.

Next step to level-up:

  • We work with you to help map out your business model, clientele, and goals to then create a custom plan for a responsive and engaging website.

13 - 20 Points: You're picking up speed

You understand your website is important for your business, and you are taking the right steps to update it and manage it on a consistent basis. But some things feel off - maybe you feel like your community isn't being highlighted enough for the rockstar athletes they are. Maybe you feel that you aren't showing your unique selling point (that no other box in the area has). Maybe your calls-to-action are strong on some pages, but on others they're vague. Maybe your social media posts happen regularly for the first two weeks, then they drop-off because it takes too much time to manage. Maybe you can upgrade your photos to better reflect your current staff and environment. Being detail-oriented on your website has a large impact impact on your client's first impression of your box. 

Next step to level-up:

  • We do a thorough analysis of your existing website to offer packaged solutions (i.e. social media marketing packages, photography packages, a website refresh) to increase the impact to your bottom line. 

21-24 Points: You're the first in your lane

Even though it's an investment of time and energy to keep your website engaging, easy to navigate, and responsive on phones and tablets, you pushed through and built something beautiful. Beware of getting stuck in the, "We did it! Nothing more to do here." mentality. As more CrossFit boxes are opening up every month, the landscape, practices and strategies used by your competitors are always changing - keep your eyes and mind open to learning and adapting your website to be the best reflection of your business.

Next step to level-up:

  • We work with you and your vision of where you see your business in the next 5 years to create a custom online strategy to meet your business goals.